Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Boat and Sea pt. 1


I had it all planned out. This was just the place that she could fall in love with. I took all of the things that I knew she loved and I put them all together, creating a place that she couldn’t even imagine. Today was the day that I was finally going to take her there. It had been finished and ready for a while now, but I wanted her to be ready to see it, too. That may be hard to understand because you might be thinking, “Why would someone have to be ready just to see a place that you know they will like?” But after you read this, you will be able to understand.

She was in her room when I called to her. I told her to get ready because we were going to leave on a journey. The excitement that was building up inside of me was indescribable. I had been waiting for the right time to take her to this place and the day had finally come where I could show her what I had created. As she walked toward me, I couldn’t help but think, “This is the most beautiful woman I have seen.” I guided her to the edge of the ocean. The wind was gently blowing through our hair, whisping against our faces. The mist of the sea left a light cover over our arms. I took her hand and we walked to an old wooden canoe. I had specifically built this canoe just for her. It was old and rustic, but safe to get us to the place I had created for her. 

We slid into the canoe and as I paddle us out, we stared at each other, listening to each other’s hearts, not needing words. The butterflies were building in my stomach, but not out of nervousness. I was excited. We took our time, passing through the calm waves as the sun began to set ahead of us. It was the perfect timing to bring her to our place. The ideas that I had for our place and the things that I wanted to share with her while we were there, I could hardly stand to wait for. I began to paddle more quickly, eager to arrive at just the perfect time. As we began to get closer, you could see the tree coming into distance. Slowly, it began to get bigger as we drew closer.

We finally arrived to our place. I helped her out of the canoe and into the tree. The tree was giant. It was like an oak tree with a thick trunk. It had a countless number of branches and leaves that hung over each branch like on a willow. This tree was in the middle of the sea, exactly where I had put it. I led her up to a branch where I had left blankets to keep her comfortable and warm. With every smile, she ceased to amaze me with her beauty. She sat down and looked around, a tear suddenly rolling down her cheek.


I couldn’t believe where I was. It was like I was in a dream, but it was even better than that. The way that he had created everything made me sure that he knew my heart well. Everything about this place was just perfect. My heart had been beating faster and faster this whole time. I wouldn’t say that I was nervous, but I didn’t know what to expect. I did know, however, that wherever he would take me would be amazing because he is always good. I was sitting there on the branch that he took me to. I looked around and started to notice the smaller details that he added. On each and every branch there were hundreds of tea candle lights. The sea beneath us was glistening in the moonlight. And somehow, the stars in the night sky were brighter than I had ever seen them before. Taking all of this beauty in, I didn’t know what else to do, but cry. This was too perfect and knowing that he had created it all for me, made me fall even deeper in love. He wiped the tears from my eyes and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He whispered to me how his love for me was deeper than the sea, brighter than the stars, and even more extraordinary than all of this. He is my Papa. He is the one that I trust in. He is the one that I love. 

We began to talk and he began to tell me of how he has wanted to take me here for a while, but that I had been distracted with other things. And now, he was so happy that he got to take me here, knowing that it was the perfect time. This is what I love. I love being in the arms of my Papa, hearing his voice as he shares with me his thoughts. He told me that this was the place that he created just for me; that whenever we wanted, we could come here, talk, and share our hearts with each other. This gave me so much joy because that meant that I could come here every day and spend time with my Papa, which is exactly what I want to do. 

Papa told me that during the time that we were going to spend here in our place, he was going to share with me the secrets of his heart. When he told me this, my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t help thinking, “Why me?” But I forgot that Papa can always hear what I am thinking. He answered my question by saying, “You’re my beautiful and treasured daughter. Even before you were born, I had the place created just for you, a place where we could go and spend time together. You will be amazed by the places and the people that I am going to take you to. Never think that I have left you, for I will forever be by your side.” He always knew what to say. Every time he spoke, a wave of peace would take over me and there would be no other thought in my mind except those that are in his.

I sit there, with the twinkling lights around me. My Papa asks me if I wanted to dance, and although I don’t see a way where it would be possible, I decided to leave logic and reason behind, allowing the impossible to happen. He swooped me up into his arms and we leaped into the sea. I braced myself to plunge into the cool water that was beneath, but we stopped before we sunk. There on top of the ocean, we began to dance; to the rhythm of our heartbeats. For hours we continued to dance. Spinning and twirling and laughing. Papa would dip me down and my hair would brush the water, then I would come up laughing so hard it hurt. 


Spending this time with her was truly the way to make my heart happy. As I was dancing with her, our joy grew and spread out far. It was seeping from us and leaked out into the sea. I knew that the joy that was in the sea would soon wash up and reach someone. The time had come where I would share with her one of the secrets of my heart. This was just one of the many that I wanted to share with her, but this one had to come first. When we finished dancing, I led her back up to our branch where I wrapped her in the blanket. I watched the candles flicker in her eyes as she looked at them. The sound of the ocean filled the air. “I have something that I want to share with you. I want to share with you one of the secrets of my heart right now. You are the one that I want to share this with because I trust you. When I tell you this, I know that you will do the right thing with it. I have a key. It is hidden in the land of Israel and this key is going to open up the door for all of the nations in the Middle East. I want you to go and dig it up, then I will take you to the next place you need to be where you can open the doors to bring the joy and freedom to these nations in the Middle East.” I could tell that there was a little worry in her face. She wasn’t sure how this would all work. “Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers. I will be with you the entire journey.” As I said this, her face lightened up and her countenance lifted. 

I knew it would take some time for her, but I was already super excited for this to begin. I knew that I had the right person to do this and that she would do it amazingly. I stared in her eyes and she stared into mine. I loved this time together, even when we aren’t saying anything. It is just nice to be here without words, listening to each other’s hearts rather than just their voice. It was time for her to get back, so I guided her back to the canoe. She wanted to help me row, so we took turns going back and forth across the sea. It was still dark out, but along the horizon, you could see the rays of the sun beginning to peak through. Soon the night would be gone and a new day starting. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow when we could do this again. We pulled up onto the shore, hearing the sand crunch against the wood of the canoe. I walked her back to her house. “Same time tomorrow,” I said, as I kissed her forehead.


Papa had just brought me back to my room and I couldn’t believe where I had just been. It seemed way too good to have been true, but it was. Going to our place was such an amazing experience and it made me expectant and excited for the times to come. My heart wouldn’t stop beating fast. I was still filled with the peace and the joy that I had received while I was there. I slipped into my covers, thinking about everything that had happened and never wanting to leave from there. This experience was one like never before and I want to go deeper now. I know that tomorrow Papa will take me deeper. He will tell me something and we will do something together that I never would be able to think of until it happens. 

I am so in love. Papa’s thoughts are my thoughts and what he is feeling, I, too, feel. Closing my eyes, I could feel that he was still there with me. He was going to meet me in my dreams and we would share more together. Right then, he came and was calling my name again.


  1. Hi, I like your writing. It's nice to follow the story. :)

    1. Thank you! I am reading hours right now. It's great!