Friday, March 25, 2016

What Do You Want To Do?

What do you want to do today?
So many distractions going on around me
Easy ways, easy lies to believe
I can choose to follow them
Let them become a part of me

Or I can choose to stand in truth
Anchored in you
Not losing sight of love
You are love himself

Things come up in this life
We can choose to believe and accept
But that’s not your intention

Wake up in the morning with a choice
Walk with you or go our own way
What do you want to do today?

Relationship is where it’s at
Without that, we’re nothing
But how can we have relationship
When we allow so many things in
To come between

We put our phones away on dates
But not when we spend time with you
What defines a relationship true

We have to keep our focus strong
Steadfast in you, your presence
Not pushed one way or another
Rooted in who we’re called to be

Your love is deeper than the sea
Greater than the mountains
Love on me

So let’s get back to you
Back to the truth
Back to the desires of your heart 
What do you want to do today?

Monday, March 21, 2016


We all come from somewhere
There’s a past, a history
Everyone’s is different
All part of the mystery

The question that remains
Will you let it define you?
Mistakes and failed expectations
Do you accept them as truth?

You are not your past
You were created for something more
A great purpose in front of you
Waiting to be lived

Identity is so lost
In the world we are today
People believe what they hear
Lies to hold you back

Hearts are breaking
Minds are wandering
Unsure of who they are
They look for love in wrong places

You are a treasure
You are loved
Set apart from the beginning
Not forgotten, but cherished

Belonging to a family
The truth of who you are
Blessed and highly favored
Forgiven and adored

It’s a choice to leave the past
And walk in what’s your calling
Allow yourself to be loved
Don’t let the fear define

Your identity important
To make this world better
Believe the truths about you
Rise up and take a stand

Cameron Ezekiel

Don’t be afraid to dream
My little man of God
You are chosen
With a great destiny

Royalty; God’s own son
Loved, strong, victorious one
Known before you were born
You’re a history maker

You’ll change the course of nations
Bring peace to end the wars
Christ dwells within you
Fear no longer exists

God guards your mind and heart
Nothing can stop you
From being who you were called to be
A leader; walking as free

You are so loved
Light to the world
Salt to the earth
Bringing creation back
To the King’s intention

Don’t be afraid to dream
My little man of God
You are chosen
With a great destiny