Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Boat and Sea pt. 2

   I heard him calling again and we paddle through the moonlit sea, out to our place. I know it well by now. We have been here many times, sharing each others' hearts. The journey was so beautiful. It became the place where no matter what circumstances were going on around me, I could always go there to get my focus back on my Papa. 
   Here we were again. My week had been crazy; filled with ups and downs. I got five new girls in my house, then I found out that my grandma was in the hospital. I was told I was getting a beautiful baby boy, and later in the week, I received the call that my grandma had passed away. So needless to say, when I heard Papa calling my name, I sprinted down to be with him and didn't stop until I was in his arms. He is who I need. 

   It broke my heart to see her heart break. The week had been a roller coaster and I knew she was going to need a unique treasure to bring her back to the truth. She had given me her heart which was truly a blessing. I crave, I yearn for relationship with her.
   I had a special day planned out that would fill her love tank to overflowing. I love how well we know each other. Down to the smallest details, I know what makes her heart smile and her spirit come alive. 
   As I sit in our canoe, waiting for my beautiful baby, I look around and see that everything is perfect; exactly how I made it for her. The sky was hazy. Clouds are rolling across. The soil on the land was moist and as you breathed the cool air in, the smell of rain filled your being. "Sweatshirt weather," as she liked to call it. 
   I see her now. She is running towards me from the yellowing aspens. All the way from here, I can make out the crunch of the fallen leaves beneath her feet. Her loveliness still blows me away every time. As she nears me, I can't help but beam. I am beyond elated to see her again. She springs into my lap and I wrap my arms tightly around her. We just stay there for a moment, enjoying the closeness; breathing in the presence. "I love you, baby. You will forever be mine." I whispered these soft words to her. She looks up at me, tears filling up in her eyes and smiles. 
   "I love you, too, Papa. Let's go to our place." I squeeze her hand one more time, wrap her in a  blanket, and start to row. 

   Sitting on our branch, I look below as the gentle water dances. My Papa knows me even better than I know myself. He held me tight and pulled me in. I listened to the drum of his heart; the beat being to the rhythm of his love. It is my favorite song. I can't help but fall deeper and deeper in love. I am sinking in his love. 
   He leans closer to affirm to me again just how much he loves me. And how strong I am. I grab his hand. He's who makes me whole again. 
   "I have something planned for you, baby." He lifts me up into his back and jumps into the night sky. We're flying through the bright stars now. As we go by each one, our faces light up and I can feel them warmth radiating off of them. We are gliding up and down; left and right. I ask him where we're going and he is quiet. 
   We keep flying until I see something come into the distance. From way up here, it looks like a tiny island, but as we get closer, I notice it to be South America. We zoom over the land as I see all of the beautiful beaches, luscious rainforests, and people filled streets. I felt like the culture was being written into my DNA, becoming a part of my identity. Once I had seen everything, we went over to the next continent. Each place we were at, Papa would look back at me and smile. "This is all yours, baby. You're my daughter, And today is your birthday. What do you want? Name it: Nations as a present? Continents as a prize?"
   Hand in hand now, we flew back to our tree. The dark green leaves hung gracefully over each branch, creating a canopy like setting from the inside. He brought me to our branch where our blankets were waiting for us. I lean back against the cold tree trunk and Papa std across from me, looking into my eyes. 

   Sitting here looking at her filled my heart with joy. Our adventure had gone exactly how I had planned. I brought her to all of the nations that she was going to go and I gave them to her. She is my daughter, my beloved. Together we will get to bring transformation. 
   There was still more that I wanted to share with her. "I am going to take you to all of these nations and you won't even have to buy your plane tickets. You won't need to get on a plane at all. I am going to transport you to these nations. Together we will go from place to place, traveling in my presence. You're a prophetic voice to the nations. I trust you and I love you." 

   I was speechless. I couldn't even think about what to say but heart was beating so fast. I could literally hear it pounding outside of my chest. The hair on my neck was sticking up. All that he was saying to me seemed impossible. But I knew that it  wasn't. Nothing is impossible with my Papa. I was also just so excited. I love to travel and traveling with him would be the best. I wasn't quite sure how it would look being transported to these places, but I know that when you leave understanding behind, amazing things can happen. 
   He keeps me wrapped in the blanket and laid me down in the canoe. I lie there, listening to the splash of the water beating against the sides as Papa paddles us back home. I fell deep asleep, never feeling so good. He carried me back up to my room and sets me in bed. He doesn't leave, through, he never does. 
   "Until next time, baby. Good night."

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